Notes on the undead Philosophy?

If I embodied my philosophy, I would attempt to become nothing and to disappear behind my questions, disappear in the power or probably rather the weakness of the other. I say that because I believe that there is no force of reason that could beat the force of employed reason. Yet, my questions are no criticism. Criticism would lead to a stalemate. So how could I as somebody who wants to see the truth lose myself in the dark caves of other people’s opinions? Humans are caves to each other.

If there is an undiscovered philosophy in my life, I would see it more as an intellectual way of living than a way of academic suffering and political discussion. I rather admit that I do not know. Philosophy, in that sense, can embrace its demise and live as an undead person between its worlds, transcending and materializing itself in its love of death and life. Philosophy is dead, long live philosophy!

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