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Almost Weekly (05/22) – Update – News on Artificial Intelligence, Star-Trek-Talks, A series on Pike: Strange New Worlds, Badiou

AI – Video (from Digital Engine):

  • Can generate realistic Images of humans
  • GoogleAI can understand and explain jokes now (better than GPT-3)
  • OpenAI can create images from text descriptions
  • Can change images according to your description
  • AI is better than human artists creating art in seconds
  • AI creating comics
  • AI can bring photos to life
  • can take photos and create maps from it

Video talks more about: machine advancements, automation, robotaxis, are we approaching “the age of abundance”

“the future is here, it is not equally distributed”

A Comparison between Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek – Next Generation

Pike (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds)

Bible-Man (basically Jesus was already a super hero fantasy)

Badiou – Being and Event, Documentary and Reading

Death of a Star

  • Celebrities are nowadays more accessible, thus more human
  • The status of being a star is levelled?
  • Social Media celebrates the normal people
    People who have no skills and accidentally became famous
    Everyone could do it
  • See Colin and Samir

“I am a Brain in a Vat”

Why does the sentence have to be false?

Putnam’s Argument

  • Can we say: “Brains in a Vat”?
  • The idea causes a contradiction: We can only be brains in the vat within in the current simulation
  • Thus, the sentence does not represent reality but represents whatever is in the simulation
  • It follows that we are not brains in a vat


Does from that follow that we are not exposed to another form of exposure?

Imaginary Objects (Meinong)


  1. Absistence – Anything you can think about (“Meinong’s Jungle”)
  2. Subsistence – things like numbers – just that in the physical world
  3. Existence – empirical world things

Universes of Discourse

  • “you’re holding your mind an incredible number of propositions that are specific to different universes and figuring out exactly what would be true if those universes were combined”

Watched Movies and Critiques

RedLetterMedia – best movie critical talk

Total Recall

Great Summary of the movie. I never realized how brutal it is.

Independence Day

  • Cheesy surprise moment: “[On the phone shocked] ‘say that again'”
  • Jeff Goldblum reminds everyone to recycle
  • Dumb chess metaphor: “positioning their pieces until their ready … “CHECKMATE”
  • Alians “use our sattelites” because they cannot talk to each other

Diary April 2022


Hystamin-Intolerance (Oranges) – Ein Körper, der juckt. Did I pick the wrong soul-suit? Nature producing failed corpses? Its not entirely a monday-model, but I would prefer Apple over Huawei

Ein Platz in der Welt


  • I broke my scheme buying high selling low.
  • Beauty beats all privileges
  • The UN is useless with its safety counsel
  • The victims of Russias crime are shocking, but the more it is that Russians in their majority don’t believe it

What is the Internet?

Motivation: It seems the answer is very simple

Wikipedia defines: the Internet as “a global system … of interconnected computer networks” carrying “a vast range of information resources and services”, we have to attribute here that it also invests in a large amount of misinformation and leads to eroding institutions, the machine exploits information, attention by its allgorythmic structure, one person inventing copy paste, the “down swipe, scrolling and the person who invented the like button”

The internet is a connection of human actions. Without humans who use the internet, the internet disappears. Disregarding its Hardware it is filled with human spirit. It is the form of a specific sort of human material.

My 10 Rules for Investing in the Stock-Market | Stocks

This article discusses only personal opinions and represents no advice on how to invest in stocks

Stonks Always Go Up - the Autist Pop Up Vinyl : r/wallstreetbets
Stonks always go up
  1. Safe Reserve in
    a) Gold or similar assets
    b) Stable ETF-s (MSCI-World, Dividend-Aristocrats, Emerging Markets)
  2. No Emotions:
    a) Resist FOMO, don’t be a sheep, don’t follow short-term trends |
    b) Instead keep investing | buy more and hodl
    c) Never buy on an All-Time-High (Buy-Low-Sell-High)
  3. – Don’t sell because stocks fall, rather buy more (except the company is problematic)
    – When the whole market falls, then buy more (not all stocks rise after the have fallen, but when many fall it is an option to buy my candidates)
  4. Mostly buy what you want to hold
  5. a) Safe-Reserve for sudden expenses
    b) 80% potential 10-baggers (Hodl – Tech-stocks and plays, goal is outperformance)
    c) 10% Crazy Money (Potential 100-Bagger)
    d) 10% Coins
  6. Be patient – wait for the fall
  7. Invest everything you have
  8. Distribute (if you always bet on the best team, you will win often, but the win is also included in the possible gain)
  9. Find small companies
  10. Nobody can know who will built the best cellphone in 10 years

The known things won’t work.
It does not pay off to have your own opinion.


  • Varta bedeutet warten (Battery producer)
  • Facebook (Investment in das Meta-Verse)
  • Twitter (The News Machine of Tomorrow)
  • Delivery Hero (one deliver service has to win the future)

10 Bagger

  • Biontech
  • Spotify (?)
  • Square/Block

Dividend Stocks

  • (Source:
    – Enterprise Product Partners
  • Pen and Parker
  • Sabra (Altersheim)
  • Medical Property Trust
  • Verizon Communications

Potential Investments

  • Pinterest – Everything grows (12.04.22)