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Rezos verständlichere Sprache – Anglizismen um näher an der Natürlichkeit zu sein

Ich habe mal aus Rezos Videos seine angeblich verständlichere Sprache rausgeschrieben. Er verlangt ja häufiger, dass Politikern klarer reden:

Also es geht Rezo darum, das absolut “shady level” der “easy Korruption” “ever” aufzuspüren. Also “buckle up”, es wird “crazy”. Die meisten “Parts” sind über seine “Favourite-Möglichkeiten” wie “tricky” “Guys” ihre “lokale Lieblingspartei supporten”. “Komm mon” , dieser “Dude” hier, “son Richkid” ist “cool mit Hitler” und hat natürlich eine “shady Spendenaffären”. Das ist auf deutsch gesagt “full on Breaking Bad Shit”. Aber sein “Move” ist auch so “super-easy”. “What the fuck” this bullshit”! Dabei sind diese “easy Wege” keine “random Beispiele”. Es geht generell um “easy tricks” wie Politiker ihre “payroll” auf “100k” pro Jahr pimpen. “Maybe” sind die Volksvertreter einfach nur dumm, denn, “I shit you not”, “eine clean ausgeführte Korruption nachzuweisen” geht nicht. Deswegen “shout out” an die guten Journalisten weil das gibt es “fucking-mal” zu oft. “Obviously” sind in der Politik zu viele “professionelle Beeinflusser” am Werk (womöglich meint Rezo hier das Englische Wort ‘Influencer’). “Obviously” ist es notwendig, dass dieser “abuse gesneaked” wird, denn “basically” gesagt, “imagine” deren “dermaßen abgefucktes Weltbild”.

Noch eine Frage: Wer “am meisten Shit abzieht”? “Komm mon” unsere “fucking Volksvertreter”, die für ihre “Deals eincashen”, die sind doch alle “ganz obviously” “broken”. Das “muss gefixed werden”. “Peace”.

A Close Reading of Hegel’s Lectures on the History of Philosophy

  1. Can Truth have a history?
  2. Can Historical Beings know History? 
  3. Tragedy is the conflict between two rights 
  4. Is Truth Related to Individual Conviction?
  5. The Multiplicity of Philosophies and Skepticism
  6. Is Relativism Self-contradictory?
  7. Relativism and the Philosophy’s Aim of One Truth
  8. Why Everything Develops – The Principle of Change
  9. Hegel’s Concept of the Concrete
  10. Philosophy as the Apprehension of the Concrete 
  11. Does Nature express Logical Laws?
  12. Know Thyself, What does it mean to have a Mind?
  13. The End of the Historical Development?
  14. The Application of the Concrete to Philosophy
  15. History is about the living Present 
  16. How Hegel is about Radical Freedom

Dialectical Thesis on Social Media

  • 1 Dialectical Thesis: Social Media destroys and enhances our relationship [[Future]]
    • Social media amplifies
    • Control it instead of dismissing it
    • Psychologists will be trained in [[Social Media Management]]
    • 2 Social Media enhances and destroys our knowledge
    • 3 Social Media intensifies our connection to the world and separates us from it
      • Social media supports the shift from the physical into a psychological life-form
      • Our environment becomes more and more human and less natural, but this human environment becomes another form of nature
      • Everyone lives with and against something as his species and as the individual
      • humans make a new nature
    • Social Media is a glimpse of the future life in a virtual world where
    • Social Media is about a self-infusion with meaning
    • Our informational exchange was limited to our fingers and thumbs, on social media it is enhanced by click-functions that make memes, pictures and videos sharable.
    • The flow of information increases.
    • Social media is a lot of noise
    • Social Media can let us connect to Being but also separates us from Being
  • Social Media is a task to learn stoic kynism, it means to transform anger into bitter irony. But the problem is this might be only a form of sublime anger.

Mask or No-Mask that is the Question? (Note on Masks)

Regarding the mask-aspect, many people argue that there is no evidence for there effectiveness. ZEITONLINE has compiled an interesting list that might counter this claim:

Health Affairs__: Lyu & Wehby, 2020
Cochrane__: Jefferson et al., 2011
[Lancet: Chu et al., 2020 (
Proceedings__: Stutt et al., 2020
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene__: Leffler et al., 2020
Science__: Prather et al., 2020).

Note on GPT-3 and Blockchain-Technology

With the rise of GPT-3, a new program that can produce human-like texts, one of the major questions is whether Blockchain-technology can built an immunesystem to control fabricated information:

A further valuable link:

In the beginning was the word…

Obama – Advertiser of the year 2008

  • In 2008, 1 month before the election, Obama beat Apple as the Marketer of the year: “Obama replaces last year’s winner, the video game system Nintendo”
  • Obama’s social achievement was celebrated: “It’s the f***in’ Web 2.0 thing,”
  • The Grand Old Party was, at that point, not yet organized on social media, so that Obama could “across multiple media platforms … drive a potent, single-minded design [while the campaign was] close to a level of design strategy from a great brand like Nike or Target.”
  • Also the numbers are interesting: “Obama, who recently released his final campaign fundraising report, raised $745 million during the course of his campaign—more than double the amount raised by McCain. Obama’s fundraising total easily eclipsed the combined total of the 2004 presidential candidates, George Bush and John Kerry, who together generated $653 million. In the last five weeks before the general election, Obama broke his own personal record, culling in another $104 million. His campaign was so prolific that he has been left with $30 million in the bank, which he can stockpile for 2012.”
  • Given these numbers, similar amounts granted to the Republican party would probably further nourish the myth of them being Sith Lords or reptilians. It might also be remarkable that Obama won also against the Lizard from Geico.
  • Source:

Body-Autonomy (To whom belongs my body?)

Probably this topic cannot be discussed without a public outcry, but the question is interesting whether ultimately our body is entirely ours or whether the body shares a world which burden it with responsibilities. The belief in autonomy is quite simplistic in order to answer this important question.

Link-List for Tetris (Notes)

How the Internet improves our lives: Brian May asks people to jam with him and people produce the “Hammer to Fall “

So the quarantine needs to produce a new kind of economy. Brian May has just started to introduce a new idea. He asked people to jam with him and played the chords of one of their greatest Rock-Hits “Hammer to fall”. For all who do not know their song. Here is the original:

So many artists on Youtube followed his request. This one is my favorite so far: The All Star band:

Another great example:

Also single voices were possible, of course:

Or soloists were just waiting to be featured:

Brian may also introduced this challenge for their folk-like song love of my life