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Moving Fast – Tim Ferriss, Marc Zuckerberg

  • Question of moving fast in business
  • How to pursue innovation
  • Future of Meta-Verse

Discussion on how to lead a conversation

Ritchie Wong

vor 4 TagenTim, you’re just another level of an interviewer. The first two questions of bringing the overlooked, yet deeply personal, facets of Mark show how much research, consideration and wisdom you have in making your guests feel comfortable to open up and unlock more unheard sides. Thanks so much for your great content!”


vor 3 TagenHe almost never asks follow up questions. Too scripted way of interviewing in my opinion. Doesn’t feel like a natural conversation

Gold Minks

vor 2 Tagen @Roterodami1  I see your point there, however he does take notes which he sometimes asks at a later time in the interview, he could get better at going off script1ANTWORTEN


vor 2 Tagen @Roterodami1 , I actually really appreciate that about, Tim. I agree with you that avoiding follow up questions makes it feel less like a natural conversation. That said, so many interviewing chase every rabbit that comes up so it ends being JUST a conversation. As a coach or therapist you learn to move on often and fold weak hands so that you can explore the most powerful points with enough time and focus. Tim avoids incessant follow up questions because he’s done his homework and prepares the questions that are most likely to lead to compelling answers.