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Christopher Nolan

The Missing Key to Understanding Christopher Nolan (Source:

What is the ideology of Nolan’s movies?

  • Non-chronological movies
  • Characters are engaged in deception
  • Characters cannot obtain knowledge of objective reality
  • “Reality is constructed in our mind” It is subjective
  • Our memory is a collection of notes and ideas
  • Embrace the existential meaning of our subjectivity
  • “We have to live as if some things are true” a Kierkegaardian “leap of faith”
  • Acknowledgment of beliefs allows to look inwards

How Nolan writes (Source:

  • A Story that is a labyrinth
  • Cross-Cutting: Shepard Effect utilized from music, a corkscrew effect, a continuing rise (Inter-cutting Scenes)
  • Scene-Geography
  • Doesn’t use zoom-lenses, changes performances
  • Real locations (the texture of real life)

Speed Cleaning

General Rule: 10-Minutes-Cleaning every day should be enough to have a clean house

Motivational Cleaning Video

Speed Cleaning Tipps

  • “Time is a non-renewable resource”
  • Clean in an S-Shape
  • Use a flashlight to check for crumbs
  • Don’t clean surfaces twice

  • Get a clean-up-basket with items
  • Spray things, let it soak, do other things, then clean
  • First tidy up, then clean
  • Clean from top to bottom
  • Set a 15 Minute Timer

  • Set a timer
  • Spray first, wipe from top to buttom

For Professional Amateurs:


  • Get a cleaning apron
  • Get bigger sponges and bigger mops

How to Mop

How to put on Clean Gloves (Looking for a hack)

  • I need answers for that one