Researching for my Dog-Training

Teach the Small Things:

  • Correct Reward (1 Second Time)
  • Name Response
  • Sleeping in the Kennel
  • Walking with a leash
  • Small following
  • Reward Training
  • Play Training (best puppy toys)
  • Clicker-Training

Perfect Recall

  • Have a Pop in the Recall (‘Hegel’ Come)
  • Cue in place to come

Clicker Training

  • Why Clickers? They always sound the same

Dog Closing Distance

  • When dog comes, he has to do something else, negative reinforcement

Potty Training

  1. Consistency
  2. Patience
  3. Positive Reinforcement

Take her out every hour.

Dog Training Example


Puppy Biting

Correcting Biting: Active Correction

  1. (Holding on the colar, waiting to calm down)
  2. Redirecting on toy
  3. Reinforce by praising

Solving Barking

Things to teach the dog

Teaching Heel

Separation Anxiety

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