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Badiou – An Event

  • “An Event is a Cut”, unpredictable, the Source of Truths (a Break, no Continuation)
  • “The true nature of the cave is the true nature of the world”
  • ‘The true nature of the world is the idea’
  • [Only from the outside we understand that we have been inside] [?]
  • “The Exit is unpredictable”
  • Politics is “The Return to the Cave”
  • “Wagner is about great destruction” – a Revolutionary
  • ‘The Nazis imposed Silence on all facts’
  • “The Duty of a Philosopher is to address Everybody that is everybody in the world”
  • [He frees the voice from the silence]
  • “My father was practically absent, some sort of abstraction”
  • Love – new experience of difference
  • two individuals are completely different
  • a creation of two from one, a difference brought under a common vision
  • “Being is multiple”
  • Getting closer: things reveal themselves to be multiplicities
  • “a baby that cries” discovers multiplicity
  • A constant experience of difference
  • every moment is multiplying itself into difference
  • it never stops

Notes by me:

  • War rooted in the individual is organized, the individual transcending, abstracting aggression (the question remains at which point the individual is transcended into the historical event)
  • The individual is transcended into the nation

Ein Anderes Interview in Deutsch

  • Ereignis – schafft neue Möglichkeit, aber keine neue Realität, eine neue Wahrheit
  • Verändert Verhältnis zwischen Möglichem und Unmöglichen
  • Ereignis happens if the chance is taken
  • This does not include horrible events