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East-Germany (did your home-country also disappear?)

2006 Bachelor-like studies in Philosophy and General Linguistics in Halle
2011 Master in Philosophy, Linguistics and Sociology in Cologne
2018 PhD in Philosophy in Pittsburgh

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  • Throwing philosophy into all areas of practice
  • Swimming with the stream against the stream (see my page description)
  • The rivers name is ‘becoming what you have been’
  • Running in dialectical circles
  • Gaining a super-army of insightful, witty and non-judgmental commentators
  • Discoursing as the intellectual opportunity to prepare yourself for unworldly tasks

On contradicting myself: I perceive philosophy as the insane maneuver of connecting all thoughts systematically. At the same time, there is enough rationality in any insane philosopher left so that he knows: the idea of systems is the result of a superiority complex. Knowledge is always clouded and limited by empirical experiences and thoughts. Knowledge is limited by the contradiction we are.

Song of Myself, 51

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Walt Whitman – 1819-1892

Who I am

  • an amateur aware that all of my activities are limited by the growing and aging human flesh coat that I was dressed up with at birth , the calcium sticks that carry the burden of my existence, and the nerve costume that was wrapped around my mind – with all of these parts I attempt to master worldly tasks
  • my mind is a hidden operational center with which I look through two small head windows out into the world, for the rest I feel around in the dark
  • as much as my other conspecifics I attempt to play the social game which includes gaining points on a blurry prestige scale so that I can eventually score enough points for being judged as a valuable reproduction opportunity
  • finally, I celebrate a cheerful relativism that denies resting on cushions of comforting beliefs. A cheerful relativism does not fall prey for the self-victimization of being born under unlucky stars. A cheerful relativism grasps our existence at its core the freedom of opportunity.

Why my Blogging is so Odd

A blog is a web of unruly, temporary, preliminary thoughts. If it were not for this blog, these thoughts would therefore have disappeared in the unrecorded, infinite nothing of time, lost in the unforgiving ocean of death, they would have been given up for the great bearer and destroyer of everything. A blog may be swallowed and turned into nothing itself, but should a blogger be aware of the fact that all of his efforts might be in vein?

What has happened so far? There was this physical matter that was synthesized into elements and chunks of round space dirt. Then, after billions of years it formed waves of flesh. From the oceans it flooded the lands. Eventually the wave of flesh began carrying these complex minds who learned to straighten up this animal wrap up. They raised their head and looked at the horizons. Then, these animals with their heads in the sky hallucinated themselves on paper. They turned an inner world to the outside of writing. They wrote this phantasy transcript of their world and thus exhibited themselves as another world. This world is now coming back to them. Like Atlas we carry the world on our shoulders.

We are this blip in the nothing of everything. We are the world. As matter was carried through this long process of birthing worlds, something of it may be carried over into eternity, the singularity, the end of history. A blogger does not impose himself, but exposes himself. He turns himself in and stands in front of the court of history.

Read with regard to one’s minority complex, a blog is close to the neurological book we are. It turns the anarchic brain and its fantasies to an electronic outside. Finally, it seems, we integrate ourselves into a transhumanist tradition, driven by the desire to overcome the destroyer of worlds, we become worlds.

Why my Writing is so Odd

Beyond the natural spectrum of chaos that is displayed in this blog, there remains this unnatural thing that pulses in my writing . There is something that shines through the English facade. It shines through my amateurish English skills. Considering that in France, an amateur is a lover, I declare my amore to your English language like others declare war. I am a chaos writer that though he admires analytic skills builds on the surprising mind-explosions that synthesized thoughts produce.

Of course, the other part of my odd English is grounded in my German native tongue and our strange relationship to humor. As a German, humor is just not efficient, yet, my preference is an old-fashioned dad-humor that even Dad’s would be ashamed of.

But in all honesty, I have always felt uncomfortable writing in English. After having received my PhD in the US, however, and while teaching in China, this feeling has changed slightly. I feel that I am not yet English, but also not entirely German anymore. Far from being perfect, I see this blog as an opportunity to become an English writer and I hope that my readers will support me. I am very happy about any suggestions how I can improve my English, about any corrections, so that I say: Grammar-Nazis Welcome!

kwl $hit: Absolutely impressive anti flood barrier saves town in ...
A flood in Germany is no excuse for a disorganized lawn

Why my Writing is so Unruly

Although Germans tend to vacuum their sidewalk, I am still an unruly associator. Although I admire analytical thought, I prefer the wild brushwood of thoughts that get synthesized in an ecological system of metaphors. It is a yet unrecognized system of thoughts that live in unclear symbioses with each other. They are enemies or friends, they hunt each other, nourish each other and finally build a system that births life. It is living dialectical place that does not call itself as an everlasting truth. If you are interested in this blog, then just subscribe:

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A Note on Language Learning

So far I have started to learn many languages. At the moment, I elaborate on Chinese with poor results. Once, I will have learned Chinese on a sufficient level, I will share my secrets.

So again what is this Blog about?

As I already said this blog is a discourse opportunity, potentially only with myself and an imaginary audience. Projecting my imaginary friends into the world wide web sounds like a genuine beginning for an introvert. In general, I attempt to publish better researched articles and am satisfied if they just find a few trustworthy readers.

Besides what I consider well-enough-researched, I will also publish a lot of less well researched notes that only include some messy thoughts on different subjects, loosely connecting thoughts and turning them from my inside to an outside of letters. Of course, I hope that it does not invite the rage of the internet and attracts hopeless, unconscious Zombie-Trolls on this page. You find these under Notes, the better researched texts will be filed under Blog.

Who am I?

Born in the lonely valleys of communist East-Germany, my childhood was dominated by the early communist education and the transition into a Western social market economy. With the crumbling wall, I also saw many biographies falling apart. My parents had to adjust to a new economic reality while having three little children. Their education was, of course, not really suitable for the new system. While we were all adjusting, politically extremist positions were thriving in the country. Living in a standard communist housing block, our doors were simple and unlocked most of the time. From one day to the other, we replaced the old pressed paper-door with a stable wooden door and also installed a “safe” lock. From that moment, we had to ask through the door when somebody was knocking: “Who is there?”

Some selected Photography

These are rather old pictures that I made with an old camera, if you are interested in my current work go to my Instagram.

Calm Sunrise - A field somewhere in Germany
The broad fields of Mecklenburg. There was little that happened at the horizon so that the mind could find a hold.
Hong Kong Sonnenuntergang
Hong Kong where my dreams were buried in the ashes of my burnt paper-thoughts.
Marienkirche (Neubrandenburg), Small City in Germany
The medieval church gave cultural orientation with a great orchester in the communist ruins and a rising Western economy.
Strommast (www.bewusstes-lernen.de)
Birds in the sky of Mecklenburg
The East-German winds always blew fast clouds over your head.
Sometimes even the stable past falls apart. Looking at reality through your heart-window turns your love into pain.
Der kleine Hobbit
It is no secret that the world is a bigger place for children since their bodies are smaller and there mind is still fused in its environment.
Taiwan Gugong

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