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Cooperation April 6th, April 7th 2024

I learned: Adam Smith was a result of cooperation, clubs and societies of Scotland, and inviting people to do philosophy. We must work together

His meetup with David Hume is entertaining

Achievements: I finished a page of Adam Smith, I learned more pool, I sped up Rachmaninov, I reached an almost 2200 rating at Lichess, and lost it the next day.

Goals: Organizing Sunday night dinner time, Instituting better learning routines in the morning, having an exhausting 3 minute sport routine.

The Philosopher – April 5th 2024

The Philosopher reflected on his day: Today, amidst feelings of depression, friendship, and the complexities of social interactions, he was reminded of the value of time that gives a glimpse of light.

He realized that he cannot afford to waste precious moments. Although he made some effort, progress on his work about Adam Smith feels slow, especially on a holiday.

Yet, despite the challenges, he is determined to make the most of his time. Turning Time into Memory, and Memory into nothing again.

Adam Smith, Piano and brains- April 202

  • Adam Smith’s ideas resonate both on the right and left, like Plato used and abused, left and right.
  • “Adam Smith’s America: How a Scottish Philosopher Became an Icon of American Capitalism” is an interesting read seeing how Adam Smith was abused or used.
  • “Putnam’s Brains in a Vat” challenges externalist assumptions, hinting towards an internalist perspective
  • Today’s lesson: recording piano play enhances perception, revealing inner ear limitations. The outer ear hears you different.
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