Why buying my DELL Laptop was a mistake

(Dell XPS 15 7590) I decided to buy a better product as I was a bit annoyed by low quality laptop. I wanted to buy a brand product and so I decided to buy Dell. There are many aspects that disappointed me. The Oled display had soon things burned in its display. Had I known I would not have invested the extra money. It was slower than expected.

However, here is what annoyed me the most. How can one of the flagship laptops have such a cheap keyboard integrated. The first time, numbers did not react anymore, which made it particular difficult to pass the new Microsoft password. Now, some keys just don’t react and I have to press them really hard, which makes fluent writing difficult. I wanted to clean some keys, but just destroyed one of the keys in its process because they are hard to remove. Warranty is thereby out of the window. But again, why such a cheap keyboard?

I won’t buy Dell in the future anymore the brand is ruined for me.

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