Notes on how Independence is still Dependence

The exclamation of independence is always the indirect concession that there are dependencies left, chains that should be destroyed. Of course, the desire for independence expresses the pain of dependencies. With respect to what subjects could Americans be more emotionalized? Yet, the first dependence remains as the world. We cannot eliminate the pain of being born. The world’s natural injustice will prevail and if it did not strike us yet, it waits like a grim reaper who could strike at any moment. Second, dependence remains in the human society who all share the same body. We can only gain independence with respect to our dependence on others. Otherwise, the pursuit of independence would be achieved by moving into the cabin in the woods. It is the paradox that when the slaves only desire their independence from their master, most of the time, they dream big, they dream of being the master. Dreaming big and failing big, the American reoccurring trauma. Progress is the unwilling shift towards new trauma.

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