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To shipwrecked and divers ,

The sirens of education sang their song luring the poor sailors into their arms. With feverish dreams, they crushed their ships on the rocks of an educational wasteland. Captured by the lullaby of self-improvement, they reduced their whole life to a few remarks in a CV: a bachelor degree in a fringe subjects. Accumulating student debt, their educational odyssey has no end.

Fact is, the strength of knowledge often counts only on the island of the lost. Their knowledge has rarely power outside of an outraged twitter community. Knowledge like beauty hypnotizes the middle-class. Knowledge appears as a gate to further dreams.

Now, in the wasteland of the sweet promise, the enchanting sirens spread their visions, give advice of how to proportionate brain muscles and how to expand the aesthetical self-imprisoned spirit. Mind-builders are left with their self-built mind-maze.

What is its secret purpose of education?

The modern Odysseus travels on an extended seminar through our educational system. Tied to his boat, while his sailors are working, he perceives the song of education. Well-informed that its music is seductive, he still cannot escape. He listens for nearly 20 years until the sweet and promising hymn of education fades. Once he wakes up from every man’s dream, once he sees the lost sailors on the shores of an educational society behind, he is is still carried unwillingly in an uncanny and uncertain future. He has chained himself to the self-murdering project of education that only the middle-class is obliged to.

Yet, the average citizen who can escape the island of dreams will be left with this nostalgia for the sea. They still want to deep-dive in the unbound ocean, they want to unlock their full potential, awaken the giant in themselves or finally habituate success-patterns. It would be a crime to themselves to be pessimistic and desperate.

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And you, shipwrecked diver? Too long, you have been a good listener and passive learner following the enchanting promise of the sirens. These sweet songs that the siren-professors sing from their tenure-track hill. Now, you want to look behind the curtain of their social theater, you search for their hidden curriculum and their secret, unconscious will.

Yet, your critical spirit has grown and after 20 years of education, conspiracy theories and educational snake-water won’t do it for you anymore. Now, you look into the abyss of the ocean and everyday that water stares back into you:

“Estimates place the size of the deep web at between 96% and 99% of the internet.”

“Accessing the Deep Web requires specialized knowledge and tools, as well as an anonymity network to guarantee privacy protection for users. Tor is an example of such a vehicle.”

Passages cited from the internet

You invest in bitcoin, dogecoins, altcoins and create the jobs of the future. Maybe, you wanted to find this solid core of golden motivation amidst a current self-improvement-depletion. You are tired from news cycles around the everyday apocalypse. Yet, far away from drone wars, mass-incarcerations, and cultural extermination, from presidents and their droning ego-project, far away from sickness and torment of education, you, the every man lives, in the moderate torture wheel of a 9 to 5 economy. Though after your work, you are condemned to prepare for an entrepreneurial escape, there is still too much energy left to sleep and dream.

You, the other, has internalized the promise of education, which means that you have to kill yourself. You cannot stop with this project of turning yourself against yourself. The remaining cultural forces redirect your inborn rage towards your incomplete nature. You hate that the genetic lottery has not chosen a genius brain for you. Nature, the unfair distributor of talents, shall be, as education has assured, conquered by your culture that is also you. The hidden curriculum you have internalized so far can be summarized:

You cannot remain yourself.
You must become an identity.
You have to become better.
You must become a learned man*.
You cannot be your current imperfect identity.
You must kill your former self.

As a result, you have sworn an oath for life-long-learning. You are the dead man walking. You learned to be a shell, an empty cell of death, something that becomes and never is. You are a Westernized buddhist, a form without stable content .

Now, you are ready for employing your trained critical spirit and discover your personal conspiracy theory in the deep web.

This was the first step.

2. Step: Realize the Man-Manipulation of all Surroundings

There are only a few resorts of nature left. Most of your surrounding were already touched and altered by human hands. “One forgets that there are environments which do not respond to the flick of a switch or the twist of a dial, and which have their own rhythms and orders of existence.” Born as a clean slate, as a tabula rasa, we have forgotten that Being lurks behind the shadows of these beings.

Mountains correct this amnesia. By speaking of greater forces than we can possibly invoke, and by confronting us with greater spans of time than we can possibly envisage, mountains refute our excessive trust in the man-made.”
― Robert MacFarlane, Mountains of the Mind: Adventures in Reaching the Summit

The waves of flesh flush through a normal day. Most of the time, you attempt to elegantly surf on the “sea of troubles”. You follow the sight of Google’s eye once you enter the internet. Now you might decide to dive.

Be aware: any new idea might be a Point of No Return exposing you to an “ascension curse” that will prevent you from an unaltered return. Be brave because what can be worse than the trauma of being born chained to a promise of social identity? More and more you will say “no more; and by a sleep to say we end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. To sleep, perchance to dream […] for in that sleep of death what dreams may come”. You want to find this American dreamlike state of being. Yet, the abyss of your American dreams may effect you as follows (Made from Abyss):

1. Light dizziness akin to Decompression Sickness.”

Contextual web: pages with content varying for different access contexts.

2. – Heavy nausea, numbness of limbs, headaches.

Dynamic contentdynamic pages, which are returned in response to a submitted query or accessed only through a form, especially if open-domain input elements (such as text fields) are used; such fields are hard to navigate without domain knowledge.

3. – Loss of balance, visual and auditory hallucinations in addition to the above effects.

Limited access content: sites that limit access to their pages in a technical way (e.g., using the Robots Exclusion Standard or CAPTCHAs, or no-store directive, which prohibit search engines from browsing them and creating cached copies).[22]

4. – Whole-body pain, bleeding from every orifice.

Non-HTML/text content: textual content encoded in multimedia (image or video) files or specific file formats not handled by search engines.

Private web: sites that require registration and login (password-protected resources).

Scripted content: pages that are only accessible through links produced by JavaScript as well as content dynamically downloaded from Web servers via Flash or Ajax solutions.

5. – Loss of all sensation, increased likelihood of self-harm.

Software: certain content is intentionally hidden from the regular Internet, accessible only with special software, such as TorI2P, or other darknet software. For example, Tor allows users to access websites using the .onion server address anonymously, hiding their IP address.

6. – Loss of Humanity, very possibly death.

Unlinked content: pages which are not linked to by other pages, which may prevent web crawling programs from accessing the content. This content is referred to as pages without backlinks (also known as inlinks). Also, search engines do not always detect all backlinks from searched web pages.

7. – Certain death (alledgedly).

Web archives: Web archival services such as the Wayback Machine enable users to see archived versions of web pages across time, including websites which have become inaccessible, and are not indexed by search engines such as Google. The Wayback Machine may be called a program for viewing the deep web, as web archives that are not from the present cannot be indexed, as past versions of websites are impossible to view through a search. All websites are updated at some point, thats why web archives are considered Deep Web content.[23]

Quotes from “Made in Abyss”

Third, kill yourself again:

Traveler, you want to dive, dream and die? Too often you assume that death is waiting at the end of this tunnel of wakeness, yet, in fact, he, the grim reaper, is a traveler on your side. While your eyes are open, your soul, made from the same fabric as death, sleeps. You find yourself imprisoned in an ocean of light, a vastness of experiences, a lust for images, a joy of taste that is crossed with a hunger for dreams, the longing of wills, the desires of many beasts in you, a tormenting search for honor and a excruciating quest of pain. All these forces tear on the surfaces of your existence, the absence of goods penetrates like needles. As long as you seek out of desire, you are not yourself. Your body, this thin layer of ice, holds in it all these feelings, centers them around you, and burns them into your memory. What more could you be than this body-like thing?

But there is this thought that penetrates yourself, a glimpse promising a way to your self. A hope offered from the box of the pandora that you opened as your body. You let yourself down on the rope of questions. Rappelling down you risk to loose your grip and loose yourself in the ocean of vast nothingness you are. It is you, you who is speaking to yourself.

Fourth, realize who is speaking with you

“[A text is composed from] more than four hundred smaller [texts] and [fragments]. It extends several thousand [meanings] in all directions. The [core lies] close to the mouth of a river. […] The ruler of this country is not permanent. When disasters result from unusual phenomena, they [inhabitants] unceremoniously replace him, installing a virtuous man as king, and release the old king, who does not dare show resentment. […] “— Gan Ying, prospective Chinese ambassador to Romenote , c. 97 A.D., providing a fanciful account based on stories from Parthian sailors.

Traveller, the ruler of this text is you. The eyes that slide through the lines and a vivid brain that projects an inner wall of images into the nothing of existence. All of this is you. The voice that sounds in your inner ear is you and the meaning that it invokes in you comes from whatever there is.

Dear traveler, evolution has climbed a mountain for you. It delivered you to the top where the tides of identity nag on your appearance. With each second of reading further you become older and you lose your grip on life. Every second is a chance to die. Yet, what is this second worth considering that millions of individuals died for the sake of our arrival in this corner of the internet. The causal chain of beings and animals has become you. Under the darkness of this fleshy ocean wave of creatures, you will find yourself, a meaningless abyss that stares into people as it stares in itself. You the abyss, welcomes you as you stare through reflection into yourself. If you stare long enough into yourself, an abyss will stare back.

Something in me writes to you that has just become you and that has always been you. Wherever you go, there is empty body following your thoughts, it attempts to catch you. Like the shadow follows your body, your body follows you. Wherever there is silence, you will be chased by this voice. It will talk to you. While 30,000 sensations flood your body each second, while some light hits your eyes, some air touches your skin, some clothes pressure your body, you just simply are. While millions of organisms in your body secure your meaninglessness, while millions of processes have worked out so that you could live, you got lost in this dark corner of the internet.

Isn’t it a truth of the internet that where ever its users go, they still find only themselves, a body that somehow produces them? The internet is another form of reflecting your ego back to yourself through your body. How pleasant would it be that if we lift the veil of flesh, if we pull the curtain of our organic matter aside and looked into our own soul’s eye?

The truth of human nature is that we want to find ourselves in this lonely dessert of mediated objects. We produce ourselves by projecting inner selves to the outside so that we find them in ourselves. We create ourselves in the stone, on paper, on screen and find only ourselves again and again. The woke negate everything.

Isn’t the only confirmed fact that when we meet people we mainly find ourselves in the other. Isn’t the other only another form of loneliness. How can two lonely people add to each other.

All of this is the attitude of a genuine writer that he wants to truly live in the imagination of somebody else so that the other finds him in himself, and him or herself in me.

So what is this blog about? It was all about you.’

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