Obama – Advertiser of the year 2008

  • In 2008, 1 month before the election, Obama beat Apple as the Marketer of the year: “Obama replaces last year’s winner, the video game system Nintendo”
  • Obama’s social achievement was celebrated: “It’s the f***in’ Web 2.0 thing,”
  • The Grand Old Party was, at that point, not yet organized on social media, so that Obama could “across multiple media platforms … drive a potent, single-minded design [while the campaign was] close to a level of design strategy from a great brand like Nike or Target.”
  • Also the numbers are interesting: “Obama, who recently released his final campaign fundraising report, raised $745 million during the course of his campaign—more than double the amount raised by McCain. Obama’s fundraising total easily eclipsed the combined total of the 2004 presidential candidates, George Bush and John Kerry, who together generated $653 million. In the last five weeks before the general election, Obama broke his own personal record, culling in another $104 million. His campaign was so prolific that he has been left with $30 million in the bank, which he can stockpile for 2012.”
  • Given these numbers, similar amounts granted to the Republican party would probably further nourish the myth of them being Sith Lords or reptilians. It might also be remarkable that Obama won also against the Lizard from Geico.
  • Source: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2008/12/obad-d06.html

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