What is the Internet?

Motivation: It seems the answer is very simple

Wikipedia defines: the Internet as “a global system … of interconnected computer networks” carrying “a vast range of information resources and services”, we have to attribute here that it also invests in a large amount of misinformation and leads to eroding institutions, the machine exploits information, attention by its allgorythmic structure, one person inventing copy paste, the “down swipe, scrolling and the person who invented the like button”

The internet is a connection of human actions. Without humans who use the internet, the internet disappears. Disregarding its Hardware it is filled with human spirit. It is the form of a specific sort of human material.

Thesis: The Internet improves our understanding of the world

Explanation: The internet makes deeper analysis of information quickly available.

Example: Especially Youtube gives individual arguments a platform. An Analysis of John Williams Jurassic Park Theme


  1. At the same time the internet produces more noise that needs good filtering mechanisms.
  2. A lot of analysis are just superficial, real research still does not appear.

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