What is Philosophy? (Lesson Plan)

Preparing some fake red and blue ‘pills’

Asking the question:

  1. Would you want to know when you die?

Choosing the pills and showing, explaining why.


2. What is the Object of Philosophy?


Explaining Plato’s Cave Allegory:

  • Philosophy destroys and destructs our dreams, fantasies and false beliefs. It does not cover the darkness. It does not allow for distraction. 
  • Yet, by destroying what is false, it creates meaning out of nothing. Then philosophy becomes the challenge to think one world behind all our shadows and to build a cloud-castle for our true dreams.

Giving some pink candy and a harmless blue pill.

I think part of the outcome must be that the truth is not immediately presented as the right choice as many philosophy teachers and professors presume. It will reduce the students wills to discuss with each other (in general I recommend not to let them know your own opinion).

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