Introduction: Unveiling a captivating tale, “Extasy of Order: The Tetris Masters” takes viewers on a journey through the world of passion. Within the heart of this narrative is the remarkable story of a forgotten Tetris prodigy named Thor, whose rise to fame was followed by an enigmatic disappearance.

The Tetris Enthusiasts: A diverse array of gamers, from dedicated nerds to the spirited Nerd-Lady-Gaga, as they immerse themselves in the 1989 NES Tetris.

The Hidden Luminary – Thor: While multiple world champion Jonas Neubauer’s triumphs stand tall, it is the shadowed figure of a young savant named Thor that takes center stage. Claiming victory in the Nintendo World Championship of 1990, Thor’s subsequent vanishing act remains an enigma that begs unraveling.

Resurfacing Legends: The year 2012 heralds the inception of the inaugural Tetris World Championship, resurrecting Thor’s memory. A legend shrouded in mystique, Thor’s name resounds, a testament to his unparalleled prowess. His astounding thumb-vibrating technique baffled opponents, an artistry that crowned him the clandestine king of Tetris. Whispers persist that he shattered records, surmounting level 19 and even breaching the mythical kill-screen of level 29.

The Shattered Crown – Thor’s Downfall: “Extasy of Order” takes an unexpected turn as it peels away the layers of legend. Thor, once a titan of gaming, resurfaces in the 90s, crippled by a debilitating brain injury. The documentary paints a poignant portrait of a spirit corroded, symbolized by cigarettes and Red Bulls. His mother’s health crisis compounds their woes, the championship winnings dwindling to sustain their existence.

Life’s Unpredictable Patterns: In the profound words of the documentary, “Life, much like Tetris, embraces the unjust.” Thor’s triumphant return to the console, after two decades of dormancy, shatters three renowned world records—a testament to his indomitable spirit. However, the championship stage proves unforgiving, spotlighting Thor’s vulnerability as he confronts his own history.

Rising from the Ashes: “Extasy of Order” culminates with a stirring crescendo—Thor’s triumphant traversal of the once-elusive kill-screen, ascending to the coveted level 30.



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