Sci-Fi: ‘Foundation’ – A Discussion on Spoilers and Dataism

  1. Does the show include philosophy? (0:00)
  2. What about the book by Asimov? (00:56)
  3. What is the central topic? (01:48)
  4. The major characters and the major conflict (05:35)
  5. What is Psycho-History? (6:15)
  6. The next ‘Game of Thrones’? Is it made only for money? (07:35)
  7. Space-Elevators (8:00)
  8. Relation to Dataism (9:00)
  9. The story of the empire as an allegory for decline (10:30)
  10. Who is Harry Seldon, the originator of Psychohistory? (12:00)
  11. ‘Foundation’ and Epistemology (17:45)
  12. The central conflict (the emperor and Harry Seldon) (19:00)
  13. Are you afraid of spoilers? Can a show become better with spoilers? (21:05)
  14. The greatest spoiler in movie industry? (36:51)
  15. AI and Psychohistory (40:00)
  16. How does the Diversity of the show align with Asimov’s book? (43:30)
  17. Is the idea of psycho-history plausible? (50:20)

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