Health and Non-Binary Perspectives (Blog Recommendation)

Blog Recommendation of Emily Lynn

In one of her articles Emily argues that health is “a messy, complicated, sliding spectrum that itself contains many spectrums.”

No sickness unto death. Thinking about health we must come to the conclusion that it evades the common binary. As long as we are in between our birth, the sudden appearance of ourselves and death, we are a mixture of elements obtaining their own quality. The idea of the non-binary should serve to develop a deeper view of ourselves

Note: I would like to amend that I am not rejecting the binary, but we have to know how the binary is usually applied falsely. Referencing Wolfram, it could be that our complex appearance, indeed relies on a simple binary operation.

Emily observes that “Marketing [means] to prey upon your uncertainty and insecurity.” Creating beauty standards means “exploiting the subjective nature of our perceptions of illness and injury.” Fact of the matter is that “health [as most other things] is something that can almost never be determined at a glance.” Our marketing machine, however, exploits this disadvantage. “For instance, when the skincare and beauty industry talks about skin “health”, this narrative often treats “signs of having lived a long, full, sometimes laughing, sometimes frowning, and skeptical life as an injury or illness to be fixed.”

We therefore must discover that beauty does not lie in the illusion that a Darwinist nature has implemented in us, but that it is our relation to standards of having lived a good life.

Follow Emily and her blog Circumspectacles for deepening your understanding of our bodies from an anthropological, maybe, too non-binary perspective.

Dr. Norman Schultz

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