The Simulacrum

Simulation: A painter draws a horse that is so real that it cannot be distinguished from a hourse


  • During the media “explosion of events”, any event has a “contra-positive”
  • Every event is staged (eg. war is reduced to TikTok, Instagram, or news)
  • The line between marketing, news and truth is impossible to discern (eg. Sylvester Stallone is in the hall of fame of boxing)
  • Reality becomes the hyper-real
  • The signs of disaster are pictures to be consumed
  • The media create copies: non-events that are easily digested
  • We become complicit in disinformation campaigns, we enjoy deception
  • We dictate the screen, are the editor, and subscriber
  • If we search long enough we will believe in any event as truth


  • Did you lose contact with reality?
  • Isn’t writing already a virtual reality?
  • Everything conceals nothing

Introduction from “Then and Now

  • What is the Real?
  • Abstracts for exchange
  • “The Shift”
  • The recycling of lost ideas (Jogging instead of walking)

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