The Philosophy of ‘It’s My Life’? (Notes)

In “The sickness unto Individualism” (2002) Jon Bon Kierkegaard writes: “now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive”. For the recipient, it is the utmost challenge to investigate which “now” is meant by the meditator. Is it the ‘now’ that divides into the splits of a second, a ‘now’ that vanishes into nothing? Is it the ‘now’ of a day that vanishes with the necessary world pause? Or is it the ‘now’ of a generation that aggregates itself similar to a state of termites building the most beautiful termitaria without, however, ever achieving knowledge of the process that has brought them to beauty. Is it the ‘now’ that conceals the infinity of time behind the moment? Well done Jon Bon Kierkegaard.

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