Dialectical Thesis on Social Media

  • 1 Dialectical Thesis: Social Media destroys and enhances our relationship [[Future]]
    • Social media amplifies
    • Control it instead of dismissing it
    • Psychologists will be trained in [[Social Media Management]]
    • 2 Social Media enhances and destroys our knowledge
    • 3 Social Media intensifies our connection to the world and separates us from it
      • Social media supports the shift from the physical into a psychological life-form
      • Our environment becomes more and more human and less natural, but this human environment becomes another form of nature
      • Everyone lives with and against something as his species and as the individual
      • humans make a new nature
    • Social Media is a glimpse of the future life in a virtual world where
    • Social Media is about a self-infusion with meaning
    • Our informational exchange was limited to our fingers and thumbs, on social media it is enhanced by click-functions that make memes, pictures and videos sharable.
    • The flow of information increases.
    • Social media is a lot of noise
    • Social Media can let us connect to Being but also separates us from Being
  • Social Media is a task to learn stoic kynism, it means to transform anger into bitter irony. But the problem is this might be only a form of sublime anger.

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